Kyle B. Coffman

Attorney at Law
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Highly recommend Kyle. A professional and honorable person to have on your side. I was impressed on how fast he handled all the paperwork. A good lawyer can make a big difference, Kyle is the best experience I’ve had . He will be doing all of my legal work.

-kevin f

Your Justice Is Our Priority

You deserve a lawyer who is here to provide you with honesty, empathy, and positive results.

Kyle B. Coffman, Attorney At Law is here to resolve your legal concerns and protect your rights.

He will take the time to listen to your story and recognize the unique challenges you face.

Primary Practice Areas

Family Law

Our experienced lawyer is here to help balance the competing interests between you and your spouse and help you to move forward after a divorce.

Property Disputes

Without proper legal representation, Property disputes can take up a lot of your time. Let us handle your quiet Titles, Deeds, and Adverse possession cases.

Wills and trusts

Don’t leave the execution of your estate to chance – you have a powerful tool in a well-drawn trust or will.

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I am the attorney Kyle Coffman. Since 1988, my

Maui County law firm

has been dedicated to helping individuals and families solve their legal problems. I received the NIU award for pro bono service on the island of Maui, and I am licensed to practice in all Hawaii state courts and the 9th Circuit Federal District Court.